What Kind Of Mo Are You, Bro?

What Kind Of Mo Are You, Bro?

From the Handlebar to Super Mario, the Pencil to the Dali, there are infinite and super trendy ways to style your ‘stache! Whether you’re aiming to grow a wiry one – or a full-on Tom Selleck – here are 8 moustache styles we hope will inspire you. Try these classic styles or add a modern edge by putting your own signature on your ‘stache. Hair we go, bro!

  1. The Sweeper

It says a lot about your age if you remember Magnum PI but for any pre-Millennial, you know Tom Selleck was ALL THAT. And some. Bring back a bit of 80s classic heat with this neat, simplistic style of ‘stache. Just be careful: not everyone can pull it off. It relies on coarse, straight hair, and needs patience – as it can take some time to grow out. Be sure to trim longer hairs that creep over your lip to keep your look as smooth as Selleck himself.

  1. The Striker

Straight out of a black-and-white 40’s film, and reminiscent of stars like Clarke Gable, the pencil moustache is easy to achieve yet needs to be pruned with diligence!

  1. The Captain

A street-style favourite, the handlebar boasts curved ends that spiral toward the cheekbones. A fresher, more fun way to go about this classic favourite is to opt for a more modern haircut. Styling the handlebar is simple: use a small dab of moustache wax to wind each end of your moustache outward, creating curved ends. Great if you’re a cyclist.

  1. The Goalkeeper

Think Hulk Hogan. Distinctive and ultra-bold, this moustache is an exaggerated style. If you’re cowboy enough to try it, you will need a few months, a lot of courage and maybe some plaid shirts in your cupboard. It doesn’t suit many people, but if you think it’ll work on you, Giddy up, yo!

  1. The Defender

Like something out of a comic book, great  style without any undue attention or drama! Pair this syle with some longer hair and you’ve got yourself a more traditional moustache.

  1. The Victory

Inspired by the famous Spanish surrealist painter, who once quipped that his moustache was the most serious part of his personality… The Dali is a comical, yet signature style of moustache, where the ends stand upright and can be fashioned by twirling some moustache wax throughout your longer portions of hair, so that your strands stick out.

  1. The Forward

It’s 1912 and you’re sailing on the Titianis – Okay not really! Extra attention for this sryle is required to groom the bottom part of the stache so it resembles the straightness of a pencil. A word of caution, if you will: there’s a fine line between debonair and creepy! Just saying bro.Feeling more comfy now? Thought so.

  1. The Midfielder

Hands-down, our favourite! Any one who tries this mo’ deserves a medal – and a Princess! A few jump cuts, head bumps, some mushrooms and many secret hide outs later – you got this one down pat.