Welcome to it Boys – The Republic of Lost & Found.

Welcome to it Boys – The Republic of Lost & Found.

Remembering stuff is not a blessing, it’s a skill fellas. And keeping your mind sharp is really what separates the Boys from the Gents. Sorbet MAN gives you the low-down on the know-down, and what it takes to working that memory bank like a B.O.S.S.
You’re at a suit up event. You’re chilled, elbow on the bar, whiskey in hand, when you see him approach. That guy. The one from the gym. Or is it the pub? High School, maybe? You recognise his face, you know his face…you know it… but his name…has suddenly left the building. Gone.

Forgetfulness happens to the best of us, at the worst of times – and according to southtree.com, stats suggest our memory loss isn’t improving anytime soon. The average adult attention span has dropped from 20 minutes to 12 minutes in the last decade (thank your smartphone for that!) but a great excuse the next time your wife accuses you of ‘selective hearing.’ It’s proven that our adult brains can only remember 7 things for 20 seconds at a time. After that, you’re on your own.

With so much going on in our lives, our heads and on our phones, how the bijangers are we supposed to programme a name in 20 seconds – flash back to last month’s boardroom meeting. Six new faces. Six new names. A total sweat fest!

A friendly tip in business: when being introduced, ask for their last name too. So, when next you see ‘that guy’ at random, don’t panic (or run) when he approaches you. Rather, ask for his name again and when he reintroduces himself – “I’m Thabo, we met last month!” – you throw in that charming smile you’ve practiced in the mirror and say “No, I know that Thando, I meant your last name.” He shoots. He scores. And the crowd goes wild. Results show that people are more forgiving if you forget their last name as opposed to their first. Fact.

Names are one thing to brush up on, but what about our wallet and keys. The proverbial pocket dance we do when we’ve run the house down and still can’t find the buggers. Q103albany.com reminds us that we will naturally forget up to 4 things a day, which can range from forgetting your wallet to picking up the kids, to forgetting your anniversary, to losing the keys.

A trick: routine and repetition. The more you do, in the same way, each day – the more you will remember (without actually remembering). It just kind of happens for you. Take your grooming routine for example: you shower, brush your teeth, shave, throw in a quick Sorbet MAN 2 in 1 Face wash and scrub, examine your nose hairs – and mentally add ‘search for male waxing in Johannesburg’ – moisturise, dress up and pour your coffee. Same string of things, every day. Now, add wallet and keys to the mix, leaving them in the same spot each and every time (like that key holder you bought and never use), so you can grab and go. No rush, no fuss and no thinking. Simple.

Consistency, consistency, consistency! This is the golden ticket guys. And it works for names too. The more you repeat a name, the easier to remember. Stick with this game plan, and soon your memory will be on autopilot with birthdays, anniversaries and your #FreshCutFridays appointments at Sorbet Man. Okay, too ambitious. We’ll still message you a reminder for those.

For more easy-to-remember tips and tricks in your everyday man-day, visit sorbetman.co.za

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