Three… two… one… lift-off! Handy tips for fast & efficient grooming

Three… two… one… lift-off! Handy tips for fast & efficient grooming

Three… two… one… lift-off!
Handy tips for fast and efficient grooming

Because life is short, clever men in lab coats created 3 in 1 grooming essentials for other men in a hurry who have better things to do than spend their mornings in the bathroom. The 3 in 1 lifestyle is a winning formula – a triumph of science! – and God’s gift to the man who doesn’t waste time to clean up nice.

Most men would agree that the best part of their morning routine is hitting the shower. There’s just that something about the way a fresh burst of water feels on clammy, muggy, dry or tired skin first thing in the a.m. But for us blokes, it’s essentially not about the longer you linger, the fresher you feel; it’s about the smarter you linger, the more you achieve, the greater you feel.

“We want to look good with little effort so more time can be placed on the important stuff – like bringing in the dosh,” says Glen, 38 from Cape Town.

“If I’m able to wash my body, wash my hair, brush my teeth and wash my face all in one shower session, then man I feel like I can run a marathon,” says Khosi, 41, from Johannesburg.

“As long as you know what you are doing and can do it in record time – if necessary-  then male grooming won’t be such a chore!” says David, 33, from Johannesburg.

With the state of our alpha, beta and metro male species waking up to trendier, swifter, more convenient ways of male grooming, it’s not surprising that 2-in-1’s, 3-in-1’s and travel size products are rapidly taking pole position on the groom list.

Guys like Dave agree: products that you can pop in your gym bag or suitcase when travelling and that don’t take up a lot of space in the bathroom cupboard will always win my favour hands down.”

But let’s set the equality record straight for a moment. It’s not that the boys have more to do at the office than the girls or that our social calendars may demand more from us, which is why we command a power bathroom routine with concrete results – it’s that our fuss factor is simply non-existent. It’s a waste of our testosterone when we could be skyping Hong Kong, watching the game, smacking a golf ball, playing Dawn of War III or counting our dinky car collection (again!). The important stuff.

To meet the demands of the male objective, we offer some tips on how to get your groom on with speed, efficiency and some 3 in 1 help from Sorbet MAN, arguably the best go-to barber shop in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

  1. Shave minutes in the shower

The shower is a great place to keep it simple and not try to solve the world’s problems. This is not where we wash away our sorrows or regret decisions. Try to stay focused on the task at hand which is to get wet, get clean and get out. Hit the essentials: armpits, hair, nether region and feet. For it’s true what they say: having a quickie in the shower can make all the difference. 

2. Get an electric toothbrush

 If there was ever a place to join the industrial revolution, it’s in the bathroom. Electric toothbrushes have been around for ages so there’s no excuse not to have one. Not only will it save you time, you’re chompers will have a buffed look fit for a showroom and you’ll have some elbow grease left for a work-out.

   3. Wash and scrub in one go

Somewhere along the line Mr Wash and Ms Scrub parted ways to go it alone at separate ends of the medicine cabinet. Good news is, they’ve been re-joined in holy matrimony and are living happily in Sorbet MAN 2 in 1 Wash and Scrub ready to invigorate your life if you’re a bro on the go. Get a tube, and spread the love.

   4. Don’t style too long

There can be no doubt that putting men’s hair product on your mane is the precursor for high level artistic expression. Attention to detail is absolutely essential, but let’s be honest guys, we’re not painting the Sistine Chapel when we’re styling our hair. The general rule here is to go with your gut and stop styling the moment it looks even close to perfect. No need to split hair, gents. Ready, set, go.

  5. Slow is smooth – and smooth is fast

Shaving in a hurry is a fool’s game. Be gentle when you put blade to skin. A cut or nick or can add minutes to your shave. Soften hair follicles by hitting the shower before you shave, or use a steaming hot towel. Then go slow to avoid any nasty incidents. Just to be sure, try Sorbet MAN Pre-shave Oil to set the stage for a faultless performance.

And if you’re on the hop, or just in need of a little down time, drop in to your nearest Sorbet Man grooming bar for anything and everything easy going. Haircuts, shaves, manscaping, massage, facial treatments and all the right products to keep you slick in the street and quick on your feet. Whiskey included. Sorted.