The Bald and the Bashful – Getting to grips with hair loss

The Bald and the Bashful – Getting to grips with hair loss

If your hairline is heading south, dragging your confidence down with it, fear not, brave warrior, for you are not alone. We have come to learn, a receding hairline, or bald spot, doesn’t develop overnight – but even with warning, some guys still find it tough.

If you’re in the “hair-loss-is-confidence-crushing” camp, it might help to know that 40 percent of men will experience thinning hair by age 35, and 65 percent of men at age 60. The numbers climb to 80 percent at age 80 (stay with us here) which means, it’s inevitable – like death and taxes, dude.

So what’s a guy to do? Our advice: man up to the issue and deal with it as best as you can. Either embrace your changing hairscape or take steps to revive or replace what you’ve lost.

But having a receding hairline, bald patch or total “chrome dome” doesn’t need to spell disaster. Thanks to guys like Jason Statham, Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel and even Kojak – bald can be badass – in other words, manly with a capital M, strong, dominant and FTV hot.  Just ask your other half. It’s all about attitude, bro.

Not impressed by action hero types? That’s okay, we’ve got the lowdown and baldy on sports stars too like Michael Jordan, Gervinho and Andy Murray. These guys won’t let their faltering hairlines drag them down, nor will musos like Chris Martin, Seal, Springsteen and The Edge. And here’s a fun fact for you: Sean Connery, who, rumour has it, started going bald at 21 – wore a toupee in Goldfinger … yes he did!

Simple steps are to eat smarter (focus on protein and nutrient-rich fruit, veg, nuts and seeds), exercise more and stress less. Why? Because hair loss is exacerbated by nutritional deficiencies and high levels of cortisol – our fight-or-flight stress hormone – in the body. Meditation may help you chill (yes, we said it), while head massages will boost blood flow and stimulate hair follicles. You can also switch shampoos, use treatment products containing minoxidil and/or – our all-time favourite trick – grow your facial hair. A goatee is guaranteed to draw attention away from your head; ditto a beard or memorable moustache. Plus, it’s macho.

Other options include hair loss DIY treatments like the new Redken Cerafill (ask for it at any Sorbet Man store)  or as a “flipside” alternative – go for hair transplants – which, although painful and pricey, are permanent and have worked wonders for the likes of Wayne Rooney and Shane Warne.

Wigs, toupees and (dreaded) comb-overs are on the list too – but bro, we beg you, NO! Choose wrong and you could end up looking like Burt Reynolds on a bad day (Google him), or worse, Donald Trump, every day!

The easiest – and most practical (dare we say, dignified?) solution – is to get yourself an ace barber. We’ve got plenty at our Sorbet Man hair salons in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Our professional barbers will cut your hair to maximise what you’ve got. Alternatively, they’ll guide your transition to badass bald by expertly clipping the lot. Either way, you can expect a strong whiskey and a whole lot of go-to advice in the chair. There now, feel that weight lift off your shoulders.

Man ConfidentialTip: You never want to grow out what you’ve got to make up for what you’re lacking. A shorter crop is far subtler, so trust your barber … he’s got your noggin’ covered.

For a no stress, no fuss, professional cut, visit your nearest Sorbet Man!