Sorbet Man gets a Kick out of Playing the Field

Sorbet Man gets a Kick out of Playing the Field

Sorbet Man is rounding up the troops to play the field on Saturday 24 June 2017. The Sorbet Man Kick it for a cause will take place at Discovery Soccer Park in Johannesburg where men of all ages and “stache’s” will rally their teams to put their best foot forward in support of an amazing initiative – Coaching for Conservation

Sorbet Man is appealing to all Gauteng lads, dads, footie enthusiasts, hipsters, misters, corporates and celebrities to muster a team of 8 male football players for a fun day out at the goals. Teams are required to secure their play with R220 per person or a full team entry fee of R 1 760.00, a portion of which will be donated to Coaching for Conservation  

As per its usual wave of excitement, the day promises to be jam packed with cheers and applause from family and friends, as their teams kick it for a 15 minute round robin action extravaganza. In the spirit of good sports, Sorbet Man will be showing up with their own team plus loads of giveaways including food & refreshment stalls on the day

Coaching for Conservation® (C4C) is a wildlife conservation initiative aimed at inspiring children to be more empathetic towards wildlife and the struggles they face. It is based on two fundamental principles. First, you cannot value something until you know something about it, and secondly, learning takes place best in an interactive and fun environment, delivered by great mentors. C4C aims to Conserve Africa’s natural resources by using sport to engender self-respect and inspire a generation of kids who care!  Sport inherently creates a fun and receptive environment for learning. By linking conservation to core values through sport, children are able to personally connect with wildlife

Our Kick it for a Cause football team entries are now open. A maximum number of 32 teams will qualify for the day and entries are limited to a first come first served basis. To enter your team  click the below link: