Smart anti-ageing tips for the man on the move!

Smart anti-ageing tips for the man on the move!

Let’s be honest, ageing isn’t something only chicks worry about. Most guys – whether they spend their days in corporate suits or construction work boots – would like to slow down the passage of time. And why not? We’ve pulled together seven of our top age buster tips that could trim years off your appearance – and help you feel like the next motorway-billboard-Cartier guy.

  1. It starts with skincare…

The first thing people notice is your skin. Keep your complexion as clear and even-toned as possible – that’s industry speak for “not blemished” or “blotchy”. Commit (yes we said it) to a morning and night daily cleansing regime with products specifically formulated for men, like Sorbet Man’s 2-in-1 Face Wash and Scrub and Face Moisturiser. The latter contains an SPF15, which leads us to step two.

  1. Be sun smart

Remember Crocodile Dundee? Nothing ages the skin more than too much sun and quite frankly, that leathery look ain’t good on anyone! Sunburn also puts you at risk of skin cancer, which is no joke. Make sunscreen part of your daily routine with a double-duty moisturiser and ramp up your choice of SPF when playing outdoors.

  1. Eat well

What we eat shows, and not just on our waistlines either. Our skin and nails are a direct reflection of what’s going on inside the body, so fuel yourself with healthy foods such as chicken, fruit, vegetables, nuts and some carbs to look and feel your Tom Sawyer best. Hydration is vital too, so drink plenty of water (beer doesn’t count, bro) to keep your skin plumped, your energy levels high and your brain sharp.

  1. Sleep

Burning the midnight oil? You might want to rethink your nocturnal habits. The body needs seven to nine hours shut-eye a night, to rest and repair. Short change it on a regular basis and you’ll end up with dull skin, dark rings under the eyes and a host of other health complaints, like a weakened immune system. Not cool.

  1. Exercise

The more you move your body, the more muscle tone and flexibility you’ll have as you age – which is handy if you want to play sport or bust moves on the dance floor long after your kids consider it socially acceptable! Choose aerobic exercise for your heart and stretching activities for your joints, ligaments and spine. Yes, many men do yoga. Trust us.

  1. Stop smoking

Gone are the days when smoking made men look tough, in a good way. Nowadays, it’s accepted that lighting up significantly ages the face by creating wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth. It also dulls the skin, stains teeth yellow and puts you at risk of heart disease, lung cancer and strokes.

  1. Tame your brows

Who knows why our brows sprout in unruly ways as we age, or why our nose and ear hairs suddenly grow with wild abandon. The only dignified solution dude, is to tame them. Pronto. Ask your professional Sorbet Man therapist to groom (all three) with hot wax, or threading if you dare, and you’ll be dinner or tinder date ready in a flash!

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