Quick and Easy Grooming: By Special Guest Blogger-Jarryd Nurden

Quick and Easy Grooming: By Special Guest Blogger-Jarryd Nurden

Balance guys, balance! Let’s face it, we all have that lazy, procrastinating bone in our body that keeps our self grooming in negative mode! For example, we may be subconsciously told to  ‘throw on that cap to cover up a bad hair day” or even avoid tending to those dreaded over-grown bushman eyebrows or cliff hanger toe nails just because you think that no-one will notice! The problem is no-one is saying anything because they are probably either too embarrassed to point it out to you or have assumed an opinion of your personal hygiene and well-being without you even realizing!

I was so excited when Sorbet Man opened because it’s specifically designed for ‘Male Grooming’ and a place men can TRUST. Trust is a big thing for me and knowing I was in good hands with a reliable barber gave me the confidence to look just a little more sharper, a whole lot more presentable and ready for action to make those first impressions last!

I have always believed that detail is key and the small stuff always counts! Being an International touring performer and model I am constantly on the road and not always in the mood for keeping up appearances. However, knowing that I could come back home or find similar gigs overseas, encourages me to get up and make myself appear at my best at all times. I have always been in search for a store that can do it all for me in an hour, so depending on my schedule or what treatments I’m wanting, Sorbet Man came to the rescue. Sorbet Man is a one stop shop which left me feeling fresh and ready to smash that next show or job with ease. They offer a full package deal including a team I knew I could trust!

The morning started with a simple phone call and a booking and in no time I was seated and ready for action. First up was my ear and nose wax … dooom , doooom , dooooom! It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be or as bad as it might of looked. It’s really simple and easy. A dipped stick in hot wax is inserted gently into your nose and ears. Its left to dry for a about minute or so and then quickly and painlessly ripped out which will leave your ears and nose as clean as a babies bum! 

Next we moved onto the threading to clean up my eyebrows.  Fatima, from Sorbet Man Sandton City knew exactly what she was doing and gave my brows the male clean-up finish they needed. The process is a bit painful but like the oldest saying goes “beauty is pain” and let’s face it gents if the ladies can handle it , WE CAN TOO (Even with a tear or two!) My threading and waxing took about 20 minutes.

I was offered a great cappuccino before heading off into the treatment room for my Dermalogica Facial. The Pro-60 facial was one of the best I have received ! It was efficient and relaxing and my therapist gave informative advise in terms of maintaining a healthy skin. My skin felt hydrated, clean and the best it’s looked in a while! Remember gents, a facial a month goes a long way. To kill time during my facial, I had a much needed Pedicure. Fixing those long toe nails , cleaning up the dead and dry skin on my heels and just making them look less scary than they were worked a charm. The foot massage was awesome!

After my 60 minute facial and pedicure, my last treatment for the day was a manicure which did wonders to get my hands looking  in tip top shape!  Manicure’s are super important as a handshake is often our first point of call in networking or making a first impression with a client or potential employer! Keep those hands in good nick as it says a lot more about your self care than you think and if someone thinks you care about yourself they will trust that you will care about anything you put your name to!

All in all I had an awesome, quick and easy morning at Sorbet Man and felt super fresh for another hard working week !

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