Myth Busting the Dude Facial!

Myth Busting the Dude Facial!

Admit it. You’ve always been curious. The facial has remained a mystery to “man” kind, often confusing us gents. The Internet is no help really, and besides, we would prefer that Thato from I.T doesn’t catch us on the web searching spa treatments, instead of plotting the budget sheet.

According to men are visiting the salon 15% more than they did in previous years. Truth: you’ve probably been thinking about it too (we’re looking at you Alpha). That is, if you haven’t already pulled an undercover James Bond recce at your nearest salon.

To save you time (and pride man) we’ve busted the 411 on everything male facial from our trusty Sorbet Man Benmore Gardens (just opened!). It’s all here: what you want to know, need to know and should know about THE facial.

1.How long is this going to take?

It depends on the treatment, but the minimum facial is 20 minutes. That’s 7 minutes for a skin mapping and 13 minutes for the facial itself. It’s safe to say that you can easily sneak out of the office to make that private “meeting”, aka the Sorbet Man Fitness Facial, and be back before anyone even notices.

2.Hold onto your beard man:

The biggest question we’re asking here is: will my beard get harmed in this process? It takes time to grow and craft that fur. We need to know that we won’t walk in full-lumberjack and walk out high-school student. The long and short answer is “no bro”, the beard will not be harmed.

3.But seriously should I hold onto it?

Removing your hairy efforts before a facial is entirely your call bro. Sorbet Man therapist, Zola, recommends leaving your beard intact, as it actually produces better results since the skin beneath the griz has been protected all this time (who knew!). This means, it is softer and less exposed to the pollution and oils of the outside world.

4.What to expect?

A man never goes into battle without a strategy-this is similar. When booking a Sorbet Man facial, you can expect a no-fuss process, says Sorbet Man therapist, Noluthando. First up is a skin analysis. While it sounds like a method aliens use when probing, it’s actually to determine what skin type you have-oily or dry. Then comes the cleanse; then the mask (not like Batman or Ironman), then exfoliation, black head removal (we know you have some of these) and finally, a moisturising finish that adds a good five years to your life. Painless, quick and rather knightly. Just saying.

5.What are the Pro’s Bro?

Not only will you be surpassing the Neanderthal age and entering the 21st Century of male grooming, but you will also look younger and have clearer skin (we had you at ‘younger’ right?). Your face will have fewer breakouts, your skin will be easy on the touch and your pores, hydrated. Bonus: your chick will totally dig it!

If that doesn’t motivate you, then maybe the free whiskey or cappuccino will: a standard comp at any Sorbet Man nationwide. Not to mention 100 bucks off any Dermalogica facial and Dermalogica skin product in store, until 11 Feb 2018.

So there you have it. We talked the talk and man handled the myths so that you can walk right in and book an appointment. Or call. Or speak to Zola or Noluthando. Whatever your game plan, it’s cool. Just don’t tell Thato.

You’re welcome, dude!