Man Confidential-Tame ’em brows, bro!

Man Confidential-Tame ’em brows, bro!

Pluck ‘em, wax ‘em, shave ‘em or thread ‘em… Well-behaved brows are the mark of a great grooming regime but, when it comes to taming the frame, how much is too much? No pain, no gain right? Wrong!

Male grooming is not for the lame, lazy or hung-over gent but it is necessary, and it is in the best interest of your social status. Unlike our female counterparts who’ve been priming and plucking since the dawn of time, men have finally cottoned on and are catching up. In the pursuit of the perfect brow-line, it’s time to tackle those tweezers and heat up the hot stuff.

Boot-camp for your brows

You need to keep those unruly brows in check and, with so many options available, a pluck here and there isn’t gonna cut it! Here are four ways to give your man-brow a makeover:

A common thread

Ask your therapist for ‘a short back and brows’ and brace yourself! ‘Threading’, an ancient Asian technique which has become a popular method of facial hair removal, provides precise control in eyebrow shaping – if you can stand a wee bit of pinching and clinching! It starts off gently with a simple loop of the cotton thread. Then, with a twist in the loop, and some rigorous application from the therapist, the cotton works it magic to remove the hair at the root. Effective and trending – give it a go bro.

Wax on, wax off

Too much hair up there? Unibrows are an unruly sight so you may need professional intervention to turn up the heat on those hairs – it a simple matter of applying the hot wax – and then relax – as you let your grooming therapist do all the work! Quick, and hardly a flinch.

A close shave
A razor blade is an effective tool for hair removal – this much we know! But when it comes to eyebrow maintenance, shaving removes only the tip of the hair follicle and not the root itself. A quick-fix solution maybe, but not a long-term tactic. Sorry dude, you’re going to have to let that blade down slow.

Pluck ‘n play!

Never underestimate the power of this grooming gadget. Yip, of all the hair-taming tools out there, the trusted tweezer removes rogue hairs in a jiffy. And you can DIY it proper. Note to self: it’s a little more pulling on the prickle, but hey, you can handle – you got this, right?


Warning: These man-scaping methods may cause some redness or temporary itching so always keep a stash of aloe vera ointment at hand and apply to your brows directly after treatment.


And that’s the lowdown on keeping up with the brows, boys! Whatever you choose to do, give your brows some attention (the ladies will comment) and your visage some well-deserved breathing space.


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