Let your Daily Skin Care Regime Commence!

Let your Daily Skin Care Regime Commence!

So, let’s face it – the one thing you’re probably not indulging this Summer…and come to think it ALL YEAR ROUND is your skin. Well, Man, if this applies, to you: FEAR NOT as Sorbet Man has pulled out all the stops and has come to the rescue with a perfect range of products to suit all your skin care needs.

To get a great and refreshing heard start to your morning skin care routine, start off with the following products to get that Champion Feeling!


It’s double or nothing with this cool cat  2-in-1 face wash & scrub. A real hustling bro’s pick me up – with the right mix of energy, oxygen and exfoliation properties to call it a Royal Flush. Excite in a jam-packed burst of facial “dudeness” and biodegradable beads that invigorate tired, lack luster skin to its supple potential.


A post-shave cooling balm that bids adieu to the Forrest Bump in you, Sorbet Man Post-Shave Balm is a power-packed after party of scientific and botanical ingredients to soothe razor rash and eliminate skin irritation. It works hard to prevent razor bumps, reduce redness and inflammation and prevent skin breakage.


The ultimate DIY improvement tool – for your face. Formulated with cell replenishing ingredients, Sorbet Man Face Moisturiser softens and hydrates skin while reducing the appearance of age lines. Complete with the added ammo of SPF 15, it’s also for the wise guy who knows his limits when it comes to harmful sun damage, and preventing early signs of aging.

You can also take your pick between Active Fresh or Retro Cool or, hey, even mix them up a little and, thanks to Sorbet MAN’s hydro body lotions or 3-in-1 body wash, say YO (or, if you prefer, OH HELLO) to skin that makes you feel awesome. We’re talking armed-like-a-Ninja kind of skin; energised like a Warrior, clean like a PG Movie, smooth like a Midnight Cognac, soft like a Superman landing and revived like a High School romance. Or, better yet, bromance. (*fist bump*)


Get yours on shelf at all Sorbet MAN,  SALONS, and CLICKS stores, countrywide.