How to be a Multi-tasker Master

How to be a Multi-tasker Master

Your rough guide on how to achieve high-calibre efficiency with a little focus and the right Sorbet MAN grooming products.

Gents, have you ever seen a woman tap her head and rub her tummy at the same time? It’s a sight to behold. Look a little longer and you might see her shampooing her hair while spinning a plate on each foot.

What I’m describing above is a concept called ‘multi-tasking’ and it’s been perfected by ladies over many millennia. But that does not mean men – with fully developed (and strong) opposable thumbs, laser focus and a little help from Sorbet MAN’s 2-in-1 and 3-in1 grooming products – can’t scale the heights of super-efficient living. Hell no!

Consider the following scenario: it’s the morning rush and you have 30 minutes to get to work. Your face needs a wash and a scrub, your stomach needs sustenance and your lady is on your back about the grill that’s been left untouched since the weekend’s braai.

Instinct will tell you to freeze like a meerkat in the headlights and go back to bed. Don’t do that. Wipe the sleep out of your eyes and try your hand at multi-tasking.

Now, the tasks above fall into two groups each happening in two very distinct areas of your domicile. That’s right, cleaning the grill and making breakfast will take shape in the kitchen, while grooming will commence in the bathroom. With multi-tasking wizardry, you’ll be able to get everything done in double time.

(Top tip: get the kitchen stuff out of the way before stepping into the hallowed space of your in-house grooming parlour. It hurts to say, but there are times when domestic chores – and domestic peace – trump personal hygiene.)

Step into the kitchen, take a deep breath, and clean the grill while you cook your breakfast. Here’s how you do it: set a hot plate on medium-heat and a toaster to ‘light brown’. Drop bread in the toaster and slide a pan with eggs over the plate. Now clean the grill while you keep an eye on the eggs and the toaster. Easy as pie (or eggs on toast).

Next, leave the spotless grill in a place where your lady will notice it, finish breakfast and enter the bathroom. If you’ve heard of arguably the best go-to barbers in Johannesburg and Cape Town – and man’s best bet on mastering the art of multi-tasking – you’ll have Sorbet MAN 2-in-1 face wash and scrub on your shelf. Basically multi-tasking in a bottle, this hustling bro’s pick-me-up will invigorate your face with a wash and a scrub all at once.

 Congratulations guy, you’ve turned yourself into a multi-tasker master of the universe. A man with more than one plan. The bro that left slow at the door.

And for the times you’d rather leave it to the professionals, hang out at your nearest Sorbet MAN grooming bar for #FreshCutFridays – the best way to prep for the weekend.

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