Conscious Well-Being by Special Guest Blogger Revaan Raghununan

Conscious Well-Being by Special Guest Blogger Revaan Raghununan

If you have ever trolled Instagram as much as I do, you’re likely to stumble across profiles of men who look like they’ve been carved out by Aphrodite and kissed by Helios himself. They’re totally blessed right? Well… not exactly. The funny thing about human beings is that we’re all equally complex: your countless daily thoughts, the way you love your friends and family, and even your deepest fears and desires all reside within every human being on this planet; each of us living through the story of a lifetime. This may be difficult to fathom; but remember that we show others what we want them to see (for proof of this theory, just examine your interactions over the past 24 hours.) Regardless of this sonder; my point is that if you’re as complex as everyone on this earth, then you have the potential to become anyone you’d like to become; and even better than this – no one can ever be you; and that is your power!


How do we invoke this power within ourselves? Let’s start with breaking down what conscious well-being means. Conscious meaning being aware of ones surrounding, and well-being meaning the human state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy. Essentially, being conscious of your well-being means making decisions, regardless of how difficult they may seem at present. This all contributes to the grand vision that you have for as long as you dwell in your physical form.

If waking up before sunrise to hit the gym or go for a run and stretch is too much for you; then you’re probably not consciously aware of your well-being and not ready to invoke your power. This may sound harsh but let me explain why; training in the morning has many benefits that extend much further than just saving you time and giving you prolonged energy during the day, it allows your body to regulate blood pressure, boosts your metabolism, increases mental endurance, and improves the health of both your cardiovascular and lymphatic circulatory systems. Furthermore, sitting quietly on the floor in one spot with your back straight, eyes closed, and hands open for five minutes daily has the ability to reduces stress, improve concentration, and increases your awareness of self which leads to a healthier immune system. Being conscious of your well-being means being aware of the power of consistency and building momentum toward your ultimate potential: becoming the best possible version of yourself.

So now that we’ve set the stage of conscious well-being, let’s take our physical form to the next level by talking about skincare. Why? Firstly, let’s remove the notion that vanity is the only reason that drives us to look better. We come to the realisation that when we look good, life becomes good and the beauty that reflects from us projects onto the world around us. Have you noticed how the happiest human beings seem to glow in ageless beauty? That’s probably because they’ve chosen to dwell in conscious well-being. Pivotal to great skin is, once again, consistency; forming a daily routine of cleansing and moisturising is the foundation of great skin. Sorbet Man’s beard oil works incredibly well on my beard, eyebrows, and eyelashes; the almond, avocado and macadamia oils soften and condition facial hair while enhancing hair growth.


Visiting Sorbet Man is a great experience for those on the journey of conscious well-being. To enhance your skincare regime, a monthly Dermalogica pro-skin facial treatment works incredibly well for all skin types; and will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshed; giving you an immediate glow. Now that your money maker is sorted, and you’re looking for another Sorbet Man specialty; try getting a manicure while you’re having a coffee. Your hands are generally the first point of physical interaction with other human beings; and regardless of whether you’re meeting a new client, a potential new employer, or going on a date; having a Sorbet Man manicure will leave your hands and nails looking and feeling healthy; giving you the ultimate confidence boost – and confidence is sexy!

Combining a consistent daily routine with a routine visit to Sorbet Man will make you realise how powerful you actually are. Physical and Mental well-being are not separate; they’re both part of you. We are all conscious beings that have the ability to vibrate at an energy level with unlimited possibilities. Take care of your body and mind; and your visions and goals will manifest as you journey towards your purpose.

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