Combos Combos Combos!

Combos Combos Combos!

Get to know our Combos this month & we’ll treat you to a free BODYTEC training session to sculpt and refine your torso the session is valued at R195 and is redeemable at any BODYTEC studio.

Take your pick from any of the below combos:

The Global Clipper Wolfpack Clipper Wolfman & Global Clipper Cut 200

The Signature Clipper Wolfpack Clipper Wolfman & Signature Haircut 280

The Faded Clipper Wolfpack Clipper Wolfman & Faded Clipper Cut 260

The Head Shave Clipper Wolfpack Clipper Wolfman & any head shave with a Shavette Razor 300

The Signature Razor Wolfpack Razor Wolfman & Signature Haircut 365

The Global Razor Wolfpack Razor Wolfman & Global Clipper Cut 285

The Smooth Operator Signature Haircut & Ear, or Nose, or Brow Wax or Threading 260

The Smooth Talker Faded Clipper Cut & Ear, or Nose, or Brow Wax or Threading 240

The Smooth Walker Global Clipper Cut & Ear, or Nose, or Brow Wax or Threading 180

Gladiator’s Gala* Hot Towel Shave & Signature Haircut 400

The 19Th Hole* Signature Haircut, Hot Towel Shave & Power Manli-Cure 580

The Triathlon* Signature Haircut, Hot Towel Shave & Power Pedicure 635

The Deal Maker Power Manli-Cure & Power Pedicure 415

The Bare Necessities Signature Haircut & Power Manli-Cure 370

The Walk the Talk Signature Haircut & Sole-Man Power Pedicure 425

The 9-5 Signature Haircut, Power Manli-Cure & Power Pedicure 605

Tour De Groom Dermalogica ProSkin 30 Facial and a Saw Point Massage 575

The Ultimate* Signature Haircut, Hot Towel Shave, Power Manli-Cure & Power Pedicure 815

DADS & DUDES COMBOS (BOYS 10 & UNDER) Dad & Dude Manli-Cure 260 Dad & Dude Pedicure 320

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Terms & Conditions

  • This promotion is only valid from 1-31 May 2019 for purchase.
  • Treatments have to be booked & redeemed within this period to qualify for BODYTEC session vouchers.
  • BODYTEC session vouchers are valued at R195 & are only valid for 1 use.
  • BODYTEC session  vouchers can be redeemed at any time.
  • This promotion is valid at Sorbet MAN outlets only.
  • This promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and promotions.
  • Should prevailing circumstances or stock shortages prevent offer fulfillment Sorbet Group reserves the right to the right to terminate, temporarily suspend or amend this promotion in the event of any unforeseen circumstances outside their reasonable control or technical or other difficulties that might compromise its integrity.