Barber Confidetial: Top Tips to Ace Your Shave

Barber Confidetial: Top Tips to Ace Your Shave

To hang with the shave kings you need to shave the part, good and proper. To help you keep your visage in tip top shape, and to avoid the nicks, cuts, bruises, and the highly undesirable ingrown hair (the one she stares at across the table) – we slice, dice and serve up our sharpest tips on how to ace your shave, like a true king – aka a Sorbet MAN.

 #1. Shap shap!

There is no one razor perfect for every man, but there is one golden rule: keep it razor-sharp! Reuse your blade 3-5 times, and then bin it. It may seem like a waste, but a dull blade is your worst enemy, requiring shaving the skin multiple times in order to get close, which can cause bumps in the road…

#2. Shower then Shave

While there’s logic to shaving before your shower – so you can wash the cream down – it’s not the smartest option for your skin. We recommend shaving after your shower so that the heat (keep it steamy) can soften hair follicles and open up your pores. Your hair will come off easily, and you are less likely to irritate your skin. Wash the shaving cream off and splash your face with cold water. This closes your pores once again. BOOM.

#3. Never Shave Cold

Winging it works at the bar, but going in cold on a dry skin – not so much. Our Barbers warn: never shave cold or apply shaving products to a dry face. You’ll be asking (no, begging) for a razor burn or shave rash if you do. *There is no safe word here boys*.

 #4. Lather Up, Lads

Any barber shop in Johannesburg or Cape Town will tell you: always use a good quality shaving cream. And it’s the truth! Only the best is good enough for your skin. Let it sink into skin for a minute or two to soften your facial hair for easier removal. If you haven’t already, try our new Sorbet MAN Shave Gel: it’s a stubble inspired razor-glide gel with deep freeze cooling formulae that, cooling and smoothing, gets close-in and always delivers on-point. We may be biased but we give it a solid 10/10. Don’t believe us? Take it for a test drive – after your shower. Enquire in store.

#5. To the Left, to the Right…

Start with the sides. Move to the moustache area and leave the chin for last. Your chin hairs are the Spartacus of your face – tough as heck – so by saving them ‘til the finale allows the most time for them to soften under the shave cream.

#6. Don’t Go Against the Grain

When it comes to male grooming, we know we like to be rebellious from time to time, but not when it comes to this. Always shave in the direction your hair grows and never shave against it, no matter how close the shave may be, as this will only cause irritation. Avoid pulling your skin tight while shaving as this, too, will add to the ugly bump known as the ingrown…

#7. Keep it Shady

Try not to shave every day. Giving your skin a break allows it to heal, meaning fresher, healthier skin. Shaving less often also helps your hair grow out properly.

#8. Growing the Wolf 

If you’re not going clean, and you’re wanting to make a personality statement with your beard, keep it slick by always clean shaving your neck and upper cheek area. This will outline and smooth off the unique shape of your beard.

#9. Slap on AfterShave

Complete your routine with an aftershave or moisturizing toner. Toners help to remove shaving cream residue, close pores, fight infection and refresh the skin – plus many have that very enjoyable “zing”. Avoid using alcohol-based aftershaves (they will dry your skin) and if you suffer from ingrown hairs and razor bumps, use a product specifically designed to soothe and heal skin, as to help reduce redness and irritation.

#10. Cut to the Chase

No matter how carefully you shave, at some point you’re going to have to deal with cuts. Use alcohol-free mouthwash, or chapstick, believe it or not, which is also very effective. For a deeper cut, use the old trick of holding a wad of toilet paper against your skin. Apply pressure to allow the blood to clot, and then take a lukewarm shower. The shower will remove any blood from the surface of your skin without breaking the clot.


Shave Kings 101: Done ‘n dusted. You’re welcome Bro!