Heliocare® is a sun protection range that South Africans have come to love. The range boasts one very unique ingredient that has become it's shining star…

Hello Sunshine!

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Haircuts & Shaves
An urban trim or a double on the rocks? We do both, at the same time. Whatever you’re after we’ve got your cut or shave preference down pat. Nothing complicated about it.
Bring us that crick in your neck! Our massage therapists are trained to untwist you from the gym, the track, the cycle, the heartbreak or the hangover. Relax, we got this.
We take your face seriously dude. Our top of the range skincare products and facial treatments are dermatologically approved & recommended by our Sorbet professional institute. Only the best for our bro’s.
Man Up for the Wax Up. Keep it smooth, keep it clean & keep it our little secret. Get the beach ready look all year round with our professional wax treatments. Distinguished & discreet. James Bond would approve.
Hands & Feet
Some TLC for your paws & soles! We’ll clip ‘em, soak ‘em & revive ‘em, good as new in under 30 minutes. Warning: some unexpected hand-envy may occur.

For our Loyal Groomers!
When it comes to real grooming status and exclusive invites to go with that clean-cut bravado?

The Sorbet Man Groomers Club separates the amateurs from the real groomeisters with loyalty points that feed your ego and your man savings.

The more you spend, the more you earn, the more you’ll feel like royalty – and the sooner you’ll jump to prominence.

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[Ahem] Allow us to introduce ourselves…

Sorbet MAN is the distinguished big brother of Sorbet Salons in South Africa. A dudes-only destination, we don’t mess around. In fact, we’re not into mess or fuss. We’re a neat, discreet, you’re-in-and-you’re-out operation with a straight-no-chaser attitude when it comes to what we believe sets men – real men – apart: good grooming (and, bro, we’re not just talking about your manners)

.We’re talking about hot towel shaves and even hotter haircuts; keeping unwanted hairy situations tidy (man up to the wax, guy) and the kind of man-icured hands James Bond would boast while handling a well-deserved martini.

Cue Sorbet MAN: where we barber, shave, wax, tweeze, thread, massage, cleanse and condition while you shoot the breeze with a complimentary scotch on the rocks. Considered among the best barbers in Johannesburg and Cape Town, we’re a team of professionals who are here for the regular guy: the quintessential SA dude who can suit up, glove up, dad up and man up to invest in his swagger, in a gentlemen’s bar that doubles-up as a new-age man cave. It’s a pit stop for the man on the move (with Wi-Fi to boot) and a welcome hideout for the guy who just needs some down time. And a foot rub.

Apart from a full house of on-trend treatments – from beard grooming to manscaping – Sorbet Man not only has it all in one bar but raises it by stocking international brands like Dermalogica, Blue Beards, Redken and KST – as well as Sorbet MAN’s signature skincare and body range. Because only the best will do, including the coffee we brew.

Sign up to our Groomers Club and earn points each time you invest in yourself and your swag. The more you earn, the more you score in the form of Sorbet Man savings, exclusive events and free vouchers. It’s why you won’t just be a member but a BOSS.

We’re for empowering women. All women. And we have the beads to prove it.

We call it SEW (Sorbet for Women), and it’s our gift to the hands, hearts and minds of South Africa’s disadvantaged Beauties. Our SEW Cause Bracelets are beaded and weaved with heart and sold throughout various Sorbet retail outlets.

SEW is a Sorbet and Relate Enterprise Development Initiative that aims to raise funds in support of economic social responsibility campaigns across Africa. In turn, we empower our women to build confidence in their hands. This includes up-skilling our beaders to be nail and beauty technicians, for a brighter, happier future.

Learn more about SEW